For the campaign trail of WE CEE CLEAR (what's that?), I asked the founders Kat Moses and Morgan Tait to share what they CEE in 2023 – with unsurprisingly insightful and honest results. 

I probed them about their friendships, the business, and their goals all in the name of helping them gain some clarity, which is essentially what this campaign aims to do.

Just a thought: try this it with your own friends (or yourself), especially the rapid-fire questions that we ended this conversation on. Sometimes it's scary to see everything so clearly, but we think it's worth it. And on that note, here's the chat we had. 🙃


CEE CLEAR: Hey guys, how are you? 

Kat: I'm a bit hangry. I'm hangry. I'm so hungry and I have a salad in front of...

Morgan: Ok...

Kat: ...but I don't have a fork. And [redacted] is taking fucking 20 years to get this fork.

Morgan: She's probably gone to the bathroom to facetime someone.

Kat: Anyway, that's how I feel. Otherwise, I feel great.

CEE CLEAR: And how are you feeling, Morgan?

Morgan: Good sis, just trying to keep up. I actually have a really good day today, I'm fucking pumped.

Kat: Why is it so good?

Morgan: Because I'm being left alone. I have a deadline but I'm alone today so I get to do it. I'm really excited. 

Kat: *Classic Kat Moses laugh*

CEE CLEAR: We're running the WE CEE... campaign soon, which is about noticing the good and bad things in our lives because they're easy to miss if we're not paying attention. Basically it's about being present so you can see clearly. Can you relate to that?

Morgan: Oh gorgeous, great. Can I relate to [getting stuck in my own head]? Yeah, I do all the time; I'm always in my own head. I find it very hard to get out of it, but I find it easy to be present when the people I'm with aren't working, and everyone's off their phones. Whereas when my phone's going off all the time, I find it hard.

Kat: Um, sorry, repeat the question? I'm going to be really honest right now. I have no idea what this campaign is. Because I've had my head stuck in fulfilment, and factory distribution stuff. I literally am not across marketing and campaign roll out. 


Animated image of no signal


*catching Kat up...*

*2 mins later*

*Also someone finally hands Kat a fork for her salad*


CEE CLEAR: Ok, easy question: what's do you CEE in front of you right now? Like, physically.

Morgan: Divorce.


Kat: Oh My God, what if I'd posted this to TikTok?

Morgan: It's reality, that's what I've got going on right now.

CEE CLEAR: omg, ok I'm sorry but the follow-up question is "and what do you think that says about your life..."?

Morgan: Depressed, chaos, breakdown,, no I'm just going through something personal in this half of the year, so I'm focusing on myself. That's actually what I CEE in front of me – I CEE change and discovery, and I've got to face it. I think work has been a blessing for me. I'm just doing the work thing, and not thinking too much about it. It's reality. You go, Kat.

"I CEE change and discovery, and I've got to face it." - Morgan

Kat: I'm not being insensitive by eating my salad while she talks about her divorce. What do I CEE in front of me? Well, I've got my bookkeeper in front of me eating her salad, and it's pretty neat on my desk.

CEE CLEAR: And what do you think that says about you, Kat?

Kat: It says I'm organised and clear. I planned this for me in 2023 so right now, everything's going to plan.


CEE CLEAR: Let's move into business, what do you CEE right now in that area, and what are you hoping to CEE in 2023?

Morgan: Things that we've been working on for a while are coming together. This year, we're doing a lot of big things but not necessarily launching new product. The business is starting to be set up to run like a proper business...

...And even this campaign. I feel like we're coming out with a statement. We've been creative, there's a lot of pillars to it, and a lot of supporting factors. Considering not many brands even do that – they'll launch a content shoot and have an email and that's it. The storytelling has been lost, so I CEE excitement about where our storytelling is going.

Kat: Business-wise, what I want to see is more consistency with distribution to retailers. I'd like for the business to distribute and send products from the US, by getting stocked in retailers in the US. My biggest focus right now is ensuring the business has a healthy cash flow.

"I CEE excitement about where [the brand's] storytelling is going" - Morgan

CEE CLEAR: And what about in your personal lives? What do you CEE there? I'm treading carefully, and don't want to be triggering.

Morgan: I think by the end of the year I'll definitely be in a better place. How can I not? I'm working at it every day and I'll probably be a bit more content at that point.

Kat: For me, I want to CEE stability or home. The biggest thing for me is to decide on where I want to set up a home base. For the last almost two years, I haven't had my own home – I don't have my own furniture, or my own kitchen back in Sydney. I haven't had somewhere that I could see myself being long-term, so it's about finding somewhere I can set down roots, where I can have a home and my own routine. You know what I mean? This year's about working towards that.

"I want to CEE stability or home [in 2023]. The biggest thing for me is to decide on where I want to set up a home base." – Kat

CEE CLEAR: What do you CEE in terms of the people you both have in your lives? I think that's another aspect of this campaign, it's not just what you CEE in front of you, but who you CEE.

Morgan: I feel very fortunate by the people I'm surrounded by. My girlfriends and friends are fucking lit, and extremely supportive. They've all got their own thing going on, which is really inspiring.

Kat: I don't think there's anyone I want to see more or less of. I'm quite good at putting effort into relationships that I want to put effort into.

CEE CLEAR: Ok, let's end on some rapid fire WE CEE... questions. Finish the sentence:

  1. When I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, I CEE...
    Kat: crap
    Morgan: tired 
  2. When I go to work, I CEE...
    Kat: questions
    Morgan: friends
  3. When I go home, I CEE...
  4. Kat: calmness
    Morgan: empty :( 
  5. When I go on social media, I CEE...
    Kat: a lot of insecurity, but it's a balance, I also see a lot of celebration
    Morgan: monochrome
  6. When I look in my wardrobe, I CEE...
    Kat: minimal
    Morgan: black 
  7. Right now, right in this very moment I CEE...
    Kat: opportunity
    Morgan: there's a light at the end of the tunnel
  8. In my mini purse, I'll be carrying this affirmation card in 2023...
    Kat: good times
    Morgan: freedom


This interview has been edited and condensed for the sake of ~clarity~.