CEE CLEAR is for anyone who has ever:

  • overpacked their beauty products into daggy single-use zip lock bags
  • wasted precious time digging for their keys/wallet/phone
  • wanted something transparent, functional and chic to hold all of their “stuff”.

Feel seen? Welcome to the club.


CEE CLEAR was created by two modern, otherwise high-functioning women from Sydney, Australia who used to do all of these things. They wanted a better option (like a cool option, not a regular option) but couldn’t find it. So, they made it.


With CEE CLEAR, what you CEE is what you get. We make transparent accessories that save time, look good, and make life clearer for all. We’re for 21st century humans showing the world what they’ve got – the good, the unexpected and the messy. CEE everything, explain nothing. That’s #CEECLEAR.


Morgan Tait Timberlake

Morgan Tait Timberlake is the co-founder of transparent accessories label, CEE CLEAR. A graphic designer and creative director by trade, she’s spent the last decade working on some of the country’s most exciting brands including P.E Nation, Gritty Pretty, Pallas Couture, MANNING CARTELL, sass & bide, The Undone, Melanie Grant, Jocelyn Petroni, Sheridan, Tigerlily and BLVGARI Australia. Hailing from the Central Coast of NSW, and currently based in Bondi, Morgan’s designs are innately cool, clean and crisp, but never cookie cutter. No way. Kat Moses, the other co-founder of CEE CLEAR calls Morgan, “the hardest working person in the room”, which means a lot coming from Kat. A true creative, Morgan is fuelled by a long black with a dash of almond milk and the desire to always leave something better (looking) than she found it. Morgan is also currently Art Director at P.E Nation.

BONUS BIT: Her most-used CEE CLEAR product is the CLEAR MINI.

Kat Moses

Kat Moses is the co-founder of transparent accessories label, CEE CLEAR. When she’s not managing CEE CLEAR orders and logistics, she’s managing personal brands as the director and founder of MGMT, a boutique talent agency she single-handedly started in 2015 at the age of 25. Since then, Kat and her team have grown MGMT into a leading digital talent management agency, with a portfolio of over 20 top-tier talent including Martha Kalifatidis (TV personality), Rebecca Burrows (childrenswear designer) and Nawal Sari (beauty influencer).

*Mic drop*

In her spare time, Kat co-hosts A Little Insight, a podcast on pop culture and business management. Hear that? Sounds like a serial entrepreneur. Born and raised in Western Sydney. Kat is unapologetically direct, pragmatic, highly effective. Her strength is her honesty and honestly, she’s an overachiever. Morgan Tait Timberlake, the other co-founder of CEE CLEAR, calls Kat, “the hardest working person in the room”, which means a lot coming from Morgan. Kat is the kind of person who can talk and/or email her way out of any problem. Her natural business sense and gift of the gab makes her someone you want on your team – in business, on the netball court, at a family dinner. If you know, you know.


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