Clear bag policy 101

If you’re an avid concert goer like us, or maybe you’re a sport fanatic, you’ll know the pain of being stuck at security caught without a clear bag to enter the stadium.

The ‘Clear Bag Policy’ is a security measure commonly enforced in stadiums and arenas throughout the US and the UK.

What is the Clear Bag Policy in stadiums?

The Clear Bag Policy, also known as the transparent bag policy, is a security system used to streamline the security screening process in sporting stadiums, concert venues, and high-security events.

The policy restricts the types of bags that may be allowed to enter these venues, requiring individuals to carry their belongings in a clear, transparent, plastic bag.

The Clear Bag Policy was originally introduced to address the common concerns of weapons, explosives, and other prohibited items entering concerts and sporting stadiums to increase the safety for all patrons.

The idea is that by housing all your belongings in a transparent bag, security will be able to easily assess the contents without the need for extensive searches, allowing for a quicker screening process when entering stadiums.

What are the protocols?

First and foremost, the rules state that bags and purses must be completely transparent to enter most stadiums and arenas in the US. CEE the full criteria here:

  1. Bag type: The policy accepts clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC bags only. There should be no coloured or tinted designs that may obstruct the view of the contents inside.
  2. Bag size: The Clear Bag Policy also states that bags must be of a certain size. For most stadiums this is usually set at a maximum capacity of 1 gallon or 3-4 litres.
  3. Bag contents: In most arenas there will be restrictions on the types of items that can be brought inside past security. These restrictions prohibit weapons, sharp objects, and external food and drinks.
  4. Exceptions: Most venues will have a list of exceptions that allow additional, non-transparent bags inside for the use of necessary items such as medical supplies.

Does CEE CLEAR pass the Clear Bag Policy

CLEAR bags that you can CEE the contents of are classified as stadium-approved bags. In this case, our line of clear bags here at CEE CLEAR make the perfect option for getting into large arenas and passing through security in style.

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