Sneak peek: CEE CLEAR’s blush campaign with Jess Gomes

She’s here. She’s clear. And… she’s blushing. Well done to those who played along at home and guessed our next cosmetic case shade correctly.
Shot earlier this month, our ‘It’s our blush era’ campaign features Australian model and actress Jess Gomes, and the contributions of an immeasurably talented band of experts who styled, finessed, fluffed, and helped us bring our blush vision to life. 
To celebrate the launch of our Blush Small Cosmetic Case, we’ve pulled together some snaps from the set! Enjoy.

Big shout out to the team:
Anthony Nader on hair
Ania Milczarczyk on makeup
Nichhia Wippel on the fashion
Ashleigh Larden behind the camera
    Alright alright alright, enough gushing, more blushing!
    Like what you CEE?