Three months into the new year and we're already craving a getaway. Anyone else?

Thankfully European summer is calling our names. If, like us, you've got multiple trips booked to various locations this year, you're likely already planning some travel hacks to make packing and getting through airport security as seamless as possible. Whether it's packing clear bags for TSA, or compact toiletry packs for the travel in between, here's every tip we have to make getting through airport security hassle free.

1.Pack smart

The most obvious tip is to make sure you pack your carry-on strategically. You want to have all the items that need to be scanned separately such as laptops, tablets, any liquids, portable chargers etc, easily available to be removed for inspection. No one wants to be the one made to unpack their entire bag, holding up the line, because they packed their perfume at the bottom of their bag. No more digging through your never ending handbag, instead CEE everything you need at a glance with our tote bag.

2.Know the rules

Obviously we want to try to avoid packing any prohibited items in carry-on luggage to ensure a fast walk through airport security. That means no sharp objects, flammables, or firearms, you know the drill.

3.Bring your CEE CLEAR bags

If you're a frequent traveller, you'll know just how tedious the airport security rules can be, particularly if you're travelling international. This is why it pays to have one of our CEE CLEAR bags to house all of your liquid essentials like skincare, perfume and hair care when travelling. These clear travel cases will save you from having to remove them all from your carry-on when going through airport security.

Wanting to keep your hands free at the airport? Our Clear Cross Body Bag is a must-have and the perfect way to elevate your travel fit. Transparent and lightweight you might not even realise you're wearing it at all.

4.Pack a clear cosmetic bag for long travel

The same goes for packing your cosmetics for long-haul flights. If you're packing for a 10+ hour flight, you'll want to keep your toothbrush, toothpaste, cleanser, moisturiser, serums and any makeup at reach. Get organised and pop your beauty essentials in a CEE CLEAR toiletry bag made especially for travel that you can easily pull out at airport security without having to unpack a thing.