If you like anything about CEE CLEAR – our products, our website, our images, our branding, etc –  you should know that almost all of it comes from Morgan Tait's brilliant mind. As Co-Founder and Creative Director of CEE CLEAR, she's a one-woman department delivering what it takes a whole team to do in most business, and all in her spare time (she also works a full-time job).

And so I thought let's dig a little deeper and try to unzip this creative's mind. It's a special one – her mind and this conversation. Enjoy it, celebrate it, and learn from it!

The full text transcript is below.



Screenshot of text thread with Morgan about her role as creative director of CEE CLEAR




At the same time, I also messaged Kat Moses, the other founder of CEE CLEAR, to get another perspective on the Creative Director role. She had some insightful tips on how to bring out the best in creatives...




And there you have it. 

My key takeaways:

(1) Don't give a fuck. (2) Do it for yourself. (3) Creativity takes work. (4) Get someone that adores you like Kat adores Morgan. (5) Don't be threatened by collaboration.


Transcript of text thread with Morgan Tait:

Me: Hey Morgan, I'm writing a CC blog about your role as creative director *hug emoji*. This is going to be in it, are you free?

Morgan: What's going to be in it? Haha

Me: What do you mean? This is going to be in it.

Morgan: Hahaha I'm confused call me

Me: Ok, I'm going to proceed. Was CC a huge learning curve for you creatively? 

Morgan: Omg I'm so confused

A few seconds later...

Morgan: Omg I got it. Start again for the texting hahahahhaha [sic]

Me: It's started, stunner. *angel emoji*,*sweat beads emoji* *cry laughing emoji*

Morgan: Lols. Ok.

Morgan: CC was a massive learning curve - learning to be a leader was the biggest.

Me: Any tips for being a creative leader?

Morgan: Na. The chaotic texting is me tho.

Morgan: Trust your gut, and don't be afraid to try new things.

Me: Next question: How did you come up with the brand's creative direction? Like, how do you stay original?

Morgan: [Answering previous question] And also listening to others. Leading isn't natural to me because I'm more of an introvert, and take time to digest information. But during the launch of CC and our first 18 months, I've watched Kat and learned how to lead an a way that is less intimidating.

Morgan: The brand's creative direction is an extension of myself and Kat, so somewhat this comes authentically and easy to me. Because we are just being ourselves. But to stay original, I'm a bit believer this is by being collaborative. I don't believe in 'one person' has the idea. I believe in bouncing ideas, building and growing it into something you didn't expect, it allows an idea come to fruition in a way you least expect [sic].

Me: LOVE *heart emoji*. What's your creative mantra at the moment? Or your approach to creative direction?

Morgan: Don't give a fuck.  And just do it for myself, and what I believe in.

Me: Has there been a moment in CEE CLEAR's creative [in 2022] that you're really proud of? Something you think turned out really well?

Morgan: YES!!!!!!!! The MILKY SML COSMETIC CASE!!! IT WAS EVERYTHING AND MORE!!! We had a team of people on this creative, from our genius copywriter, to our influence/creator Michelle Banares, I just can't. It was perfect and more. A real 'we're here', 'this is us' moment in the market. Extremely proud of the content had its own voice [sic]. Fucking LIVED FOR IT.

Morgan: Also heck. I'm swearing too much. A-POLS.


Transcript of text thread with Kat Moses:

Me: Hey Kat, I'm writing a CC blog about Morgan's role at CEE CLEAR, and this is going to be in it. Are you free?

Kat: I'm packing orders but I can be free for you.

Me: First question, what does she do? *thinking emoji*

Kat: She does ALL the creative for CC. Every visual touch point of CC is Morgan.

Me: What's the wildest thing Morgan has asked you to do?

Kat: Pose topless while holding the Mini Purse.

Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg. Err, I wasn't expecting that. Do you have any tips about working with really creative people?

Kat: Be very literal when explaining & requesting tasks - leave nothing open to interpretation. Be sensitive towards them in how you communicate & tell them they've done a good job before offering feedback.

Me: Is there a moment you've been blown away by CC's creative this year?

 Kat: The content outcome from the Venice Beach shoot. Morgan shot that within 10 minute while being severely sick with COVID (we didn't know she had COVID at the time).

Me: Oh dear. Ok, last question... What do you love most about Morgan, the creative director?

Kat: Her mind.

Me: Thanks for your time, Kat *wink emoji* Got everything I need.