At our last CEE CLEAR team meeting, we compared the state of our CEE CLEAR totes. The PVC plastic, the straps, and the stitching were in impressively good shape considering all the heavy sh!t we carry in there 365/7/24.

Besides the serious (and scary) fake tan stains I witnessed – which inspired this post – our Clear Tote Bags looked pretty good. We make good sh!t, so I guess no surprises there.

Below I’ve compiled some tips from the team about how they've cleaned their CEE CLEAR over the last year.

Remember: these are our unofficial tips so scrub at your own risk… 

Just to be clear, these are the OFFICIAL care tips supported by CEE CLEAR’s manufacturer. And with that final disclaimer, let’s get stuck into it:


Image: CEE CLEAR Clear Tote after being washed hanging on a hills hoist

Tip 1: Allow mum to work her magic with stain remover

In image above, one of our mum’s used a household stain remover and some elbow grease to scrub out the mild fake stain found on the straps of a Clear Tote. We also learned just how strong our branding is. It withstood a mother's love, determination, and aggressive scrubbing. The stain? Not so lucky.

Tip 2: Keep it clean, sterilize it regularly

If we’ve learned anything from COVID it’s… get out while you can. That, and germs are everywhere which is why we think CEE CLEAR might just be the best fashion product released during the pandemic. Weird flex, sure, but hear us out. Spray or wipe it down as much as you like, Glen 20 it, and if your hand sanitiser leaks inside your Clear Mini Purse or Clear Purse, you can wipe that away too. Hygiene r us.

Tip 3: Use makeup remover to get rid of cosmetic marks

Bioderma Micellar water is God’s gift to faces – and it can be used on your Clear Cosmetic Case to remove all manner of makeup marks. If it's a stubborn stain, try a makeup oil to break it down before wiping your PVC clean.

Tip 4: Finish off with some household glass spray

For a streak-free finish, one team member said they only use a household glass cleaner to make their CEE CLEAR look as good as the first day they bought it. Now that's a hack.


Ok, BRB while I try a few of these.