What was the highlight of your third year in business?

Kat: Launching the brand into both David Jones and Sephora Australia

Morgan: Launching into Sephora AU was a major highlight for me. We had been working on this behind the scenes for quite a while, I'm so proud of what we've accomplished. 

Have you learned any new lessons in this past year that you didn't know in your first two years of business?

K: To focus on 3x key growth/development areas of the business per quarter to help alleviate feeling overwhelmed. To stop trying to control factors that are out of our control e.g. selling out of product sooner than we anticipated.
M: It might sound simple, but communication is key. In the past, I used to work in isolation, just focusing on executing creative ideas. But now, as the business has grown, having a structure in place to share my thoughts and ideas with Kat about our marketing, content and more has been a game-changer. It's really helped us keep up with the pace of the brand. 

Favourite memory of each other

K: It was really exciting to watch Morgan creatively direct our Blush Cosmetic Case campaign for the first time. It was the first time she was able to completely direct a campaign shoot at a high level for the brand - it was our first 'big brand' moment. 

M: This is so random, and not from the past year but I giggle. Kat usually is the definition of cool and calm, she's never really fazed by anything. But a few years back, we were in LA staying at the 1 Hotel WeHo, and while we were taking the elevator down, it stopped at another floor. In walks Jack Harlow. I had no idea who he was and we just started chatting away. Meanwhile, Kat was completely silent, just staring. Suddenly, she blurted out, "Wait, are you Jack Harlow?" It still makes me giggle every time I think about it. Seeing her completely starstruck was hilarious.

Anything we can expect for the next year?

K: Definitely more new product launches within the beauty category however, we will start to introduce product designs within tech and travel as we continue to expand. We will also be shifting our focus to brand expansion in the US via influencers and retail distribution. 

M: New products! We're excited to expand our range into the tech space, grow our community, and share more about our process, along with the tips and tricks we pick up along the way.